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As responsible firearms owners, many of us carry most, if not all, of the time.  We do an excellent job of preparing ourselves to defend us and our loved ones from acts of violence.  What we don't do well with is taking steps to protect ourselves after we've had to protect ourselves.  The aftermath of an act of self-defense, whether it's with a firearm, a knife, or other improvised self-defense tool, is chaotic (at best). 

Have you taken the steps to protect yourself and your family from prolonged legal battles in both criminal & civil court?  This will most likey happen EVEN if you're justified in your actions.  This is where USCCA can help provide that piece of mind so you can be protected after the unthinkable happens.

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In America, a violent crime happens every 26 seconds.* Being prepared goes beyond defending yourself with a firearm. You need to arm yourself for the days and weeks after you pull the trigger. Your freedom, life savings and future are on the line. Think about it:Even professional law enforcement officers are put on trial after they use their weapon in the line of duty. It will happen to you.There can be criminal charges and civil suits — even if you prove the shooting was justified. We give you the best legal protection in the industry for as little as $22 per month. If you defend yourself with a gun, don’t go out without USCCA membership.


We teach you what you need to know, from the latest gun laws by state to strategies for avoiding danger in the first place. You’ll learn about safe gun-handling, the best practices for concealed carry, and the tools and gear you can depend on.


We’ve teamed up with leaders in the self-defense industry to provide you with an unparalleled level of firearms training. No matter what your experience is, our training will make you better, safer and more confident in your abilities.


If you ever have to defend yourself or your family, you’ll have access to a local attorney, the financial funding to protect against criminal charges and civil suits, and instant connection to our emergency response team. There’s nothing simple about self-defense, and with the USCCA, you’ll never have to go it alone.

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USCCA: Self-Defense Knowledge, Training, & Legal Protection