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With all the silencer options out there, choosing the right one can be difficult.  Where do you start??


The first step is to decide what the intended use will be.  Of course, the main intent will be to hush the boom stick!  What I mean by this is will you be using it for one firearm, or would you like to suppress multiple calibers?  For example, if you're looking at a silencer for your 9mm pistol, do you have or plan on acquiring a 45 ACP pistol?  If so, stepping up from a 9mm silencer option to a 45 caliber silencer might be the right option.  Similarly, if you are looking to suppress a 5.56 rifle, but also have a 30 caliber rifle, you may want to look at a 30 caliber silencer.  If you're like me and many of my customers, the answer is to suppress all the things.


Next, you need to determine which consessions you are willing to make.  Since you can't have the lightest, quietest, shortest, cheapest silencer, you have to decide what's most important to you.  Are you planning to use it for hunting and want the weight savings?  Are you on a tighter budget and need a more cost effective unit?  Is the quick-attach functionality important/necessary?  Are you looking to minimize gas blowback?


Now that you know what caliber you are looking for and what the most important features are, it's time to choose your silencer!  YouTube reviews and forums are a good way to get information.  If you are in the vicinity of Adaptive Firing Solutions, stop by to check a few out and see what they look and feel like on a firearm.  When you find the right one, we can take care of your fingerprints, photos, and all of the NFA paperwork.