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Adaptive Firing Solutions is a full-service NFA dealer.  For our customers we provide:


-Fingerprinting and photos (included with all NFA purchases for those who are local to us) 


-Completion of the ATF Form 4 on your behalf

-- Utilizing ATF eForms, we can complete and certify your application at the time of your purchase and upload your fingerprint file and trust (if applicable)

--We can also utilize Silencer Shop via our kiosk for the completion of the eForm 4, though it may require an additional visit or video conference to complete the certification

--If you prefer the old-school process, we can print out your paper Form 4 and mail it in along with fingerprint cards.


Before the actual purchase, we provide consultation, guidance, and information to anyone who wants it.  Because there are so many options out there, it's easy to become overwhelmed or you may not know where to start.  By better understanding your needs and objectives, we can suggest options that meet your criteria.  We are your partner in the NFA industry!!